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Nebudchenezzar Shipworks Multi Media

Emergency/Survival Preparedness Supplies, Food/Water Storage, Information and Team Building
Multi Media and Social Network Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Info/Alerts

"There's a difference between knowing the Path, and walking the Path." - Morpheus


Nebudchenezzar Shipworks Madtown, WI USA

- Madison, Wisconsin Area

Survival/Emergency Preparedness Information and Supplies, Networking and Team Building in South Central WI and the Upper Midwest @

Nebudchenezzar Shipworks was opened in February 2012 with the goal in mind to inform others about Survival/Emergency Preparedness. One thing led to 2, which led to... Three Sites, FB Pages, Blogs, etc....
Whatever it takes to get the word out of the importance of Self-Preservation and Disaster Preparedness.
We also added Multi Media Services to our Skill Set January of 2013.
Nebudchenezzar Shipworks Multi Media Services and Madtown Preppers have joined forces with Emergency Broadcasting Network - The Source for Independent, reliable, verifiable Emergency information

USA Emergency Broadcasting Network will provide the American public with Disaster News and Preparedness information through internet radio, Mobile applications,websites, social media, lectures and expositions. We will not get into politics or conspiracy theories; none of that matters during a disaster. What dose matter is information that saves lives and families. We will also be a place for the individual to begin their research on Disaster Preparedness matters.

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"There's a difference between knowing the Path and Walking the Path." - Morpheus

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